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We have all seen the rapid advance of the state-of-the-art in high-tech consumer products, you purchase a new product and, seemingly by the time you get it home, it has been rendered obsolete by a newer, more advanced model. This is indicative of the advance of technology in all sectors, including the technical surveillance field. To keep up with the threat, you have to constantly research the state-of-the-art in commercially produced surveillance gear; and just as important, engage in a program of research and development to determine the adaptability of new technologies to the surveillance field.

Our engineers conduct an ongoing program of evaluation of new and emerging technologies. They analyze electronics trade publications, attend trade shows and seminars, and review manufacturers catalogs to determine what components or technologies might be applied to eavesdropping, and conduct further research with technologies of interest in our laboratories. This R&D program keeps us well positioned to counter eavesdropping threats from professionals armed with leading-edge surveillance equipment.

We have all the equipment necessary to conduct a thorough sweep, and always bring a full complement of equipment with which to perform all the analyses required for the completion of the countermeasures assignment. Our personnel have the training, knowledge, and experience to properly use this equipment to detect conditions which may indicate the presence of technical surveillance, and the understanding to thoughtfully analyze those conditions to determine whether there is actual cause for concern.

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