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Yes, they are our competitors, but they are also our colleagues...

          ...and there's one thing we can all agree upon: the more you know, the better we, as an industry, can protect you.

Murray Associates

Kevin Murray has at times been referred to as the "godfather of counterespionage", and his site substantiates that title. If you really want to learn how to protect your privacy, take some time to study Kevin's site. If you are located east of the Rocky Mountains, Kevin is your man.

Microsearch LLC.

Richard Hofmann has been involved in electronic surveillance and countersurveillance since 1974, and provides TSCM services to many Fortune 500 companies. Lots of experience and very honest. If we're not available, we send corporate clients to Richard.

Advanced Electronic Security Co.

Roger Tolces started in the counterespionage business at around the same time we did, over 30 years ago. He is very professional and honest, and has had great success protecting businesses and individuals from eavesdropping attacks. If we're not available, we send private individuals to Roger., Inc.

At some point, we have all conducted an online search to learn about someone. Social networking and internet search engines contain massive amounts of your personal informattion. Prospective employers, schools, customers, friends, associates, acquaintences, regularly search for information on you. can help you and your business regain some control over your Internet presence. We recommend them highly.

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